Eyebox Key Suppliers Activity Update

Eyebox Key Suppliers Activity Update

Verity Moring |

| February 2024

PPG have hosted a number of training sessions, both for their internal staff and their customers since December. Last month, Halo and Solus Groups attended PPG training courses at Eyebox. Whilst not Morelli customers, they were all very impressed with the facilities. 

Glasurit sent their trainers in to carry out some preemployment assessments for M&A Group, a prestige Morelli customer opening a new site in Snetterton. They sent 4 potential staff to be assessed over a two day period which proved very successful. Some of the M&A senior management had not visited the Centre and were incredibly impressed by what they saw.

Sherwin Williams have now agreed to take one of the meeting rooms on a permanent basis to display their new ALFA automated mixing machine loaded with DeBeer tinters. This will be the first such machine outside the company’s own premises in the UK and we are delighted to have them here. This will mean that all four of our paint partners have their up to date mixing facilities on show at Eyebox, once Axalta install their IRUS machine in the next few weeks.

Indasa have held their internal sales and management meetings at Eyebox and love the facilities. Phil Blowers particularly has made positive remarks on the food provided and sausage rolls are becoming one of the most requested items!

3M have recently used Eyebox to produce training videos that will go out on our social channels in the near future and we have plans to do the same with other suppliers.

With their connection to our Northern Ireland business, Coachfinish, Silco, a Slovenian consumables supplier, visited Eyebox to show their products to our Technical Team in the hopes that we will adopt some of the range into the wider Morelli portfolio. The Team were impressed with the products so watch this space!

Scangrip also made their first visit to Eyebox and were reportedly impressed with what they saw. We will certainly be having their products on display there in the near future, along with the other suppliers who now have display boards along the back wall to showcase their latest developments.

These showcase areas will prove invaluable when our team bring their customers in as they can demonstrate all the latest innovations in one place, comparing products from multiple different suppliers.