Eyebox feature in Car SOS

Eyebox feature in Car SOS

Verity Moring |

Eyebox and Sherwin Williams had the privilege of working with the team behind Car SOS for an episode in season 12 of the show!

Sherwin Williams sponsor Car SOS and approached Morelli for the use of Eyebox as they needed a last-minute location where they could work on a Triumph TR7 body shell. The owner, Barry, bought the car many years before with the hope that he would be able to use it to complete the hill climb at Goodwood. He started the restoration and then sadly was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and the car was left in a sorry state.

Barry's daughter contacted Car SOS and they decided to take on the project of getting it restored as a surprise for him. As his illness had progressed, it became a race against time. Our bespoke facilities at Eyebox provided the perfect location for the bodywork to be completed as the mechanical restoration was taking place elsewhere.


Little did we know the size of the task we were taking on - and we only had 5 days' notice to get everything in place! Technicians from Morelli and DeBeer handled all the preparation and painting of the car's shell and parts on a very tight schedule. Once all the work was complete, we laid out the pieces to the jigsaw puzzle as seen below.

It was great to meet Car SOS presenter Tim Shaw in Eyebox as he navigated his way around the restoration of this classic car and interviewed our technical teams. Just two weeks later, on a very wet day, we were invited to see the reveal at Goodwood Motor Circuit. Car SOS presenters Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend were on hand to present the car to the owner with all his family in attendance which was very emotional.

It was an honour to have been part of the project and to see all the hard work our technicians put in to help the car come back to life. The car managed the hill climb, so the owner was granted his wish, giving everyone involved a huge sense of satisfaction and pride in what they had achieved.

The episode aired on 2nd May and is available on Sky Go on the National Geographic channel, part of the Disney + offering.