We have 4 state-of-the-art spray booths available to hire.A professional spray booth offers you the perfect environment for body preparation.

Spray Booths for Hire

Eyebox has four low bake spray booths available for professional use including spray painting and body preparation work.

Low Bake Spray Booths

Our low bake spray booths are available for hire for professional use. Fitted by Dalby, our professional spray booths give you the environment that all your hours of hard work deserve.

  • Booths 1 and 4 are Dalby EasyBooths, with rear wall extraction and fitted airlines.
  • Booth 2 is a Dalby Genesis Q with roof to floor extraction and powerful centrifugal fans.
  • Booth 3 is a Dalby Genesis HiAir also with roof to floor extraction and the Dalby Spraybooth Management System.
  • Booth 2 & 3 also have fitted airlines and grid floors with roof blowjets.

With the hire of a spray booth you also have access to our fully extracted mixing room and spray gun cleaning room.

Dalby EasyBooth

The Dalby EasyBooth is a smaller design but still provides the highest quality environment for users. Designed and manufactured by experts, the finish and performance of the EasyBooth is everything you would expect from a high grade workspace.

Dalby Genesis Q

The Genesis Q is an advanced high specification spray booth/oven unit purposely designed for high volume repairers and modern water based paint systems. Delivers the refinement, reliability and performance levels required by today’s repairer.

Dalby Genesis HiAir

The Dalby Genesis HiAir is the ultimate spray booth/oven design that defines quality and performance. Incorporating an array of innovative characteristics, this booth is an extremely efficient facility that combines all the design, characteristics and equipment levels required by the most discerning repairer.

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